Yvonne Shortt is the founder of RPGA Studio, a social practice non profit that uses art + tech+ design to address issues in her community. Her studio is located in NYC.  It is an 800 square foot loft where my team and she can be found working on issues in the community.

I’m Evil E (Tatiana) and I can be found writing about her awesome social practice. I met Yvonne in January 2016 while she was teaching kids about transportation safety using a game designed in her social practice. I thought more people need to know about her practice.

In the summer of 2016 I asked Yvonne if I could tag along to events and write about them.  I also told her she should start RPGA TV because her practice is really awesome. She’s in at 10 and works until 1 am and she barely takes a salary.

Let’s show her some love!